Posted: June 27, 2012 in GARDEN LIGHTING


This refers to the use of outdoor illumination of private gardens and public landscapes; for the enhancement and purposes of safety, nighttime aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses. The public landscape and gardens have been illuminated for as long as interior structures have; for security, circulation, and social occasions. Get outdoor lighting right and your garden will be a gorgeous, glowing extra living room long after the sun goes down.
Different parts of your outdoor space will need different types of lighting. Focused, brighter task lighting – which makes specific activities easier – is for entrances, paths and decking. More subtle accent lighting – which creates mood and atmosphere – is for the lovelier parts of the garden you’re happy for guests to see!

The different types of garden lights are as follows

  • path lights
  • area lights
  • uplights (directional, spot, and flood lights)- stake mount
  • wall lights – surface mount
  • tree-mount lights – down lights
  • deck lights – surface mount
  • well lights – mounted below grade
  • Hardscape lights- integrated into walls.
  • step lights – recessed into stair risers
  • rope lighting – fiber optics

Eden gardening and landscaping offers installation of this garden lights as part of our garden services in soft and hard landscaping or as an after service if you have already done your landscaping. Lighting up you garden will totally transform your garden please contact us for more information on this or if you have any queries.


  1. Louise Raleigh says:

    When it comes to garden lights, i always use LED type garden lights. LED garden lights does not consume too much electricity compared to regular incandescent type garden lights. LED Garden lights also does not heat as much .:*:,. Enjoy your weekend! foodsupplementdigest

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