Posted: July 12, 2012 in DISCUSSIONS

Many people are discouraged about hiring a professional due to financial reasons. Since this is the “do-it-yourself” era, many homeowners want to get their hands dirty and try to landscape on their own.

Sadly, landscaping is an art form that needs professionals armed with a wealth of experience. It’s best not to do it yourself.

Mistakes, blunders and very costly errors can be made if home owners go unaided in designing their own yard. Here are some reasons as to why you should hire a professional from Eden gardening and landscaping ltd.

 Professional Landscaping Benefits

Increases the value of your property: homes without proper landscaping do not fare as well in the market when they are up for sale.

Curb Costs: It’s more cost effective to hire professionals since it’s more expensive to rent or buy equipment and purchase plants you are not familiar with. A landscaper already has all the tools needed to give you quality service. Unless you already have this kind of equipment in your home, you will need to purchase or rent it. Either way, hiring or renting the specialized tools is expensive.

Prevent Property Damage: If you have never planned or executed a landscaping project, then its best to leave it to the experts. You are most likely to lose money due to unforeseen mistakes and circumstances. Professional landscapers can work their way around existing plants and structure without damaging them. Also planting trees that may have buttress roots near buildings may result in wall cracking. One must think about any structures that may be in the way or need to be kept away from destructive tree roots. Consider where to plant flowers and how they will blend in with the rest of the yard. Flowers cannot just be planted anywhere; their location must fit into a bigger plan

Experts have experience: If your yard needs a total makeover then hire professionals. This experts are trained to design your yard with the correct processes, tools, materials and management needed.  If you are on a budget, then call us up today so we can give you a consultation depending on your budget.

It is convenient: You have your day job and you have a family to take care of. Doing landscaping yourself would cut into the time you need to get all your usual tasks done. Hiring a landscaper means he will be on the job full time. On top of that, landscapers offer regular maintenance services. He would do all the weeding, trimming and fertilizing that needs doing.

Longevity of your landscape: you want to establish a landscape that will last for long by planting the right plants at the right places so that you don’t have to cut them down later.

Please contact us today and we will give you a landscape that fits within your budget but still gives you the satisfaction that you need.


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