Eden gardening and landscaping has its headquarters in Nairobi Kenya .Its a company whose main goal and initiative is to provide its clients with a solution to their gardening and landscaping needs. The modern human life has led to the need to maximize on the use of land by the appreciation of beautiful scenery in either Public and private school grounds, Public parks, recreation sites, and streetscapes, Civic centers and Business courtyards, Golf courses Residential yards and estates through landscaping and also in food production.Therefore we provide professional gardening, expert landscaping, and reliable maintenance services

We strive to alter your landscape into a most reproductive resource either just for the pleasure of the eyes through aesthetic scenery that will give you the tranquility and peace you require on a rainy day or transform your kitchen garden into a money making machine that will earn you some extra income or save on what you have through the production of horticultural produce. In collaboration with our various contractors and suppliers we assure our client the best services unto their satisfaction.

We are also a partner committed to environmental responsibility. With rise in global warming leading to environmental degradation, it’s our sole duty to provide superior environmental solutions to our clients. Increased environmental pollution has in turn have a negative impact on the flora and fauna .we therefore aim to produce a landscape and produce horticultural produce in way that will least affect the environment.



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