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Due to modernization and civilization land has been divided into small plots especially in urban centers people have ended up living in apartments with limited or no land at all. Let this not be a reason for you not to have your own vegetable garden and having the pleasure of beautiful indoor plants glazing your patios, balcony, and kitchen window seals. Here are some ways you can have this done

Bag culture

If the backyard of your home is not big enough try out bag culture. Make a planting media using the right proportions including one like sand or aggregate that will help create proper aeration in the media. Fill the bag or bags with the media. One can make holes on the sides to plant the seedlings. Plastic sack bags are most suitable but also other plastic bags can be used if perforated. You can plant spring onions, kales, spinach, herbs, tomatoes and lettuce in this bag.Dont forget to inco-operate manure or nitrogenous fertilizers indoor to get a good lush from vegetables.

Trough culture

You can get ready made troughs plastic, wooden, clay or concrete. This can come in different shapes and sizes or even you can build boxes from wooden planks. If not one can recycle containers and use them to plant vegetables and indoor plants. You can be more creative cover the containers with colorful papers or paint them artistically. Plant herbs like white oregano, basil herb, rosemary into this containers place them in places where there is at least enough sunlight for proper establishment for example a window seal. Fresh herbs are suitable for cooking, garninshing and in salads so I would highly recommend this as it would save on your income and put food on your table.

Both of this are methods that are environmentally friendly especially when we use recycled containers and bags