1. The first step starts with a free consultation visit to your garden to discuss your ideas and requirements, and take basic measurements of the dimensions of your garden. We will discuss whether you want the full garden redesigned, or just certain areas of it. We also advise you on the types of materials to use to keep any design within your budget.
    This is useful in deciding where to place the elements of your design, what plants to use, and where to place them.
  2. Next is to produce several basic outline plans from which one selects the preferred design. The provisional design is then drawn to scale.
  3. Then a professional working plan is produced (Scheduling).
  4. Budgeting.
  5. The presentation of the final design based on the clients wishes and the landscapers experience.
  6. Agreement&signing of the contract.


Hard landscaping can involve new construction or repairing what’s there now. It can also be part of a stage by stage long term project. We have the ability to handle all sizes of project – small or large.

Our services include:

  • Block paviors
  • Pathways
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Water features and ponds.
  • Irrigation
  • Lighting
  • Patios
  • Steps
  • Out door furniture supply
  • Pergolas


We offer a comprehensive range of soft landscaping services including:

  • Hedge building and repair
  • Tree work.
  • Planting plans and planting
  • Mulch and manure  supply
  • Garden clearance
  • Weed Control
  • Lawn establishment and maintenance.
  • Indoor plants/ornamentals-potted or not-potted.
  • Supply of planting media

NB. If you require a service which falls outside of those categories listed above please do not hesitate to contact us as it is more than likely that we can help.

As well as one-off soft landscaping projects, we offer year round maintenance of all sizes of plot.


This is a service aimed at enabling our clients to save their cash by creating a great veggie patch and herb garden at home or even get an alternative way of earning income through production of horticultural produce. Kitchen gardening has been known to be therapeutic in away watching plants which you have loved and nurtured grow and flourish and some have used it as a form of recreational activity. We will offer weekly or monthly visits as per the agreement at a fee.


Regular care of your garden can bring many rewards. A well maintained garden is a place where you and your family can relax, unwind, and enjoy yourselves. It can reduce stress levels and improve your quality of life. Also regular maintenance can be a very enjoyable extension of your existing home and potentially add value to your property as a whole.

Whether it is a one off visit to simply get the garden into shape, or regular visits ensuring the garden stays in shape, the choice is yours. Our friendly gardening teams will be pleased to help you turn your garden into an asset by keeping it in good shape. Not all people are lucky enough these days to have the time or the desire to tend to their gardens in the way that is needed. They would rather not think about the upkeep of the garden themselves, and therefore bring in outside help in from people such as ourselves.

Why not invite us in to discuss the various options available to you, and take advantage of our free estimate service – ask us for a garden maintenance estimate and you could have your garden transformed within a matter of days.


Our staff is highly trained and qualified to offer professional advice on


  • The suitable elements to use
  • Their  placement and design
  • Combinations of elements that will fit within your budget.
  • Maintenance practices


We also offer advice on the establishment of various horticultural produce from

  • Land and media preparation
  • Planting
  • Weed ,pest and disease control
  • Cultural practices
  • Harvesting and postharvest care
  • Supply of all types of garden tools at the best prices.

NB: Don’t hesitate to inquire about anything that is not among the above listed items.


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